TCM & Dermatology

Practitioners around the world already know that Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is highly effective for maintaining balanced health especially is cases of chronic disorders.


The motivation behind the BONATICS brand is to disseminate this valuable knowledge and strengthen its positioning by introducing an advanced, safe, and effective solution to the dermatology sector.

TCM teaches us that a healthy skin barrier effectively guards vulnerable internal organs from external pathogens, while a healthy body helps the skin to cope with environmental changes.


The BONATICS product range has been specially developed to strengthen the skin barrier in accordance with this philosophy, enhancing the body's defenses and restoring its natural harmony.

Chinese medicine bases the differentiation of skin problems on how the lesions appear physically.


Color, shape and texture will indicate the imbalance and determine the herbs required to treat the problem. Redness, for instance, indicates that energetic heat is present. In this case, the recommended treatment would be to use heat-clearing herbs that are empirically proven to be beneficial to skin health .

The BONATICS product range was formulated in accordance to this philosophy, based on herbs known to clear heat toxins,  dry damp, invigorate the blood, moisten dryness, dispel wind, and relieve itchiness . Every BONATICS ingredient has been specially selected to target specific symptoms, support the skin's gradual recovery, and restore the natural harmony of the entire body. Based on herbal formulations and advanced extraction methods, BONATICS skin care products are natural and clinically proven to be safe and effective treatments for a range of common skin symptoms.