About Us

BONATICS is based on the power of Chinese herbs, providing  relief and nourishment to all skin types with the healthful benefits of pure herbal ingredients. The BONATICS line has been developed by Kamedis, a leading company with proven expertise in herbal products that offer relief from the symptoms of common skin disorders.

Based on the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, the unique BONATICS brand is designated to be exclusively recommended and sold through the worldwide community of certified TCM practitioners. Every BONATICS ingredient has been specially selected to target specific symptoms, support the skin's gradual recovery, and restore the natural harmony of the entire body.

A Dermatologically-Tested TCM Brand

The uniqueness of BONATICS is its products that are based on the properties of Chinese herbs which been proven effective and safe by clinical trials. This innovative research-led approach represents a significant advancement of Chinese products developed to the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

BONATICS products are produced using an intellectually protected extraction technology, which enables the use of highly purified plant extracts. The results are effective products that enhance the relief and nourishment of different skin types. All BONATICS products are dermatologically tested by Dermatest® GmbH of Muenster, Germany and have been clinically proven as safe and effective by several clinical trials around the globe.

Always respecting the traditional roots of TCM, BONATICS' research-led approach represents a significant advancement for the Chinese herbal skin care market. The Kamedis vision is to offer consumers around the world an innovative yet safe and effective plant-based solution for improved skin health.

BONATICS Core Values

Bonatics: Based on Chinese Herbology principles
Bonatics: Advanced extraction technology
Bonatics: Clinically tested herbal skin care
Bonatics: Free from toxic chemicals
Bonatics: Extensive safety and efficacy research
Bonatics: Dedicated to TCM professionals

Kamedis Laboratories

Kamedis Laboratories is a research-based specialty dermatology company dedicated to the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of innovative, clinically-tested, effective, and safe medicinal herb-based products that are designed to enhance skin health for people everywhere.

Kamedis was established in 1998 as a start-up, R&D oriented company focuses on a vision to explore the efficacy of Chinese herbs for the treatment of dermatological diseases.

Since its establishment, Kamedis has adopted a rigorous scientific pharmaceutical approach and has conducted a series of clinical trials for common chronic dermatological conditionssuch as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhea and acne.

Following years of extensive research, which included screening more than 1,000 different Chinese herbs, Kamedis decided to commercialize its patented technologies. The company currently holds several branded portfolios, including: Kamedis Pharma – a portfolio of prescription and OTC products, a derma-cosmetic line under the Kamedis house brand, and BONATICS – the advanced TCM line. A wide range of patents and patent applications provide comprehensive protection to all Kamedis assets.

Kamedis also foster collaborations with key opinion leaders in the dermatology field, who act as a scientific board for all of the company's developments and activities. 

Kamedis is headquartered in Tel Aviv, and the production facilities are located in Israel and Chengdu, China. All Kamedis lines are produced under strict quality conditions and are available in the USA, Israel, Europe, and Asia Pacific.