Bonatics – The leader in developing effective and safe topical TCM herbal products

Bonatics line of topical dermatological products has been specially developed in accordance with TCM philosophy, to effectively enhance the skin's natural defense without harming its integrity.


These products are the result of several decades of scientific and clinical research, combining the ancient wisdom of TCM with the knowledge of modern dermatological research to obtain optimal effectiveness.

The three Bonatics lines are specifically designed to treat dry skin, oily skin and scaly skin. Color, shape and texture indicate the distinctive type of imbalance, and determine the herbs required to treat each specific problem. Each of the herbs that are used are known to either clear heat toxins, dry dampness, invigorate the blood, moisten dryness, dispel wind, or relieve itchiness.

Herbal extraction is performed utilizing state-of-the-art technology in our modern Green Mountain Biotech plant in China, ensuring a high concentration of effective extracts with increased biological activity.

Bonatics formulations are free of parabens and steroids, and are safe to use for the long term. The dry skin product line is deliberately unscented, and therefore remarkably skin-friendly for people suffering allergies, and delicate skin of babies and young children. All products have been developed in accordance with EU regulations.

Bonatics products provide TCM therapists with an innovative remedy for treating severe dermatological conditions, together with acupuncture and herbal formulations, that is effective, safe and easy-to-use for the long term.