A Message from the Founder of Bonatics | Roni Kramer, MSc. Photo

Many years ago, while visiting the Dermatology department of Chengdu TCM hospital, I was fascinated by the clinical strength of Chinese herbs in the treatment of skin disorders.

As a new graduate of ACTCM College in San Francisco, I felt confident and knowledgeable regarding the theoretical aspects, yet a sentence throughout my college years escorted me: “skin diseases are difficult and stubborn to treat”.

With the increasing occurrence of skin disorders due to environmental changes, lifestyle, and stress, together with an understanding of the long-term side effects of conventional drugs used to treat them, the benefits of Chinese herbology were clear.
The extensive empirical evidence of TCM’s efficacy, and the unique system of multiple ingredients working in a synergetic pathway to increase efficacy and minimize side effects make TCM the optimal alternative to conventional treatments.

Since the establishment of Kamedis Ltd. as an R&D company with facilities in both Israel and China, the professional scientific team has rigorously investigated traditional Chinese herbology according to biological mechanisms and western standards.

Extensive screening of herbs and clinical trials are showing excellent results. Bonatics products reflect all the key benefits of TCM. For me, they are the "gem" of all our company activities. The open channel of communication established with TCM practitioners all over the world is a great honor and privilege.

It is my hope that this communication will lead to new ideas and understanding.