Dry Skin Treatments | Roni Kramer, MSc.

According to TCM theory, the etiology of atopic dermatitis is the invasion of external pathogens and the internal imbalance of spleen and lungs. Spleen deficiency interferes with the normal function of transformation and transportation of body fluids. The result is heat or damp-heat that migrates to the skin level, causing dryness and itchiness. Over the long term, the damp-heat condition will transform into a chronic type with repeated relapses, and will lead to consumption of yin and blood.

Lung deficiency interferes with the supply of wei qi (protective qi) to the skin. The result can be invasion of external pathogens. In the case of AD, this correlates to the western definition of the damaged skin barrier. Based on the pattern of each stage, AD can be divided into 3 categories:

• Fetal heat: dermatitis in infants that develops in utero.

• Damp-heat: dermatitis - primarily affecting children.

• Blood dryness: dermatitis - primarily affecting adults.